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I know it has been many months since my last post stating I would return to this blog.  Well, that was going into the summer season and I should have known I wouldn’t keep up with it like I intended.  It is now late into the month of October.  The weather has cooled and the rainy, grey skies of fall weather are upon us.  So what’s new?  Glad you asked.

In the World of Warcraft, things have received a great shake up with the impending Cataclysm coming ever near.  I am not going so far as to say my favorite class and raiding spec is broken, but it is close.  I am of the mind that competitive raiding and PvP action is over for WotLK content as the game begins the transition to Cataclysm content and mechanics.  The game has definitely changed and we all know that change is hard for many people to easily accept.  I have a rough time with change myself unless I am coached or otherwise helped to prepare for change.  I told myself that the new patch was called 4.0.x for a reason, and that is because it is WoW 4.0.  WoW 3.x.x concepts and mechanics are now a thing of the past.  I will most likely cut back on my WoW hours while things are in the midst of changing.  Another reason for a raiding break is that after trying to raid ICC25 last night was very little fun at all due to many different bugs and technical issues.  I had to turn the sound off while raiding due to the bad sound delay issues that are known.  The work-a-rounds that are posted such as disabling Death Knight voice effects, making sure the sound wasn’t set to system default in the WoW interface, and even reducing the hardware acceleration on my sound driver didn’t work. 

My place of work is also under going changes.  The upper management has seen fit to reorganize some of the gaming floor space.  The room we currently utilize as our comfortable and quite poker room has now been designated as a new area for high limit e-game (slot) machines.*  The poker room is to be eventually moved to another room with slightly less floor space which is fine as we never ran at full capacity in our current setup except maybe once during a tournament series.  Notice how I said “eventually”?  They haven’t even begun converting the new space for the poker room to suit our needs.  So where does that leave us until they finish?  We will be right in the middle of the open gaming floor in the midst of all the noise and smoke.  The only positive I can find in this situation is that we might draw a couple of extra players who just walk up, see the tables, and think to themselves, “Gee, that doesn’t look too hard.  I can take them.”  We will definitely lose many of our regular players who have grown accustomed to the smoke-free and quite atmosphere we provide with our room even if it is just a temporary situation.

That about covers many of the changes I’ve experience during my absence from the blog.  In my next few posts, I will cover some things I am definitely looking forward to with the release of the Cataclysm expansion in WoW.  Until then, good journey!


Rogue Talent Specs for 4.0.1

Welcome fellow Rogues!  

 Here are the recommended talent specs as provided by Aldriana over at Elitist Jerks.  If you have never been to the EJ website, then I strongly recommend browsing their forums. 

Recommended Assassination Spec   31/2/3

My notes: Most of my time using a Mutilate build has been spent in battlegrounds and arenas so I cannot say much about raiding with this setup. 

Recommended Combat Spec 2/31/3

My notes: My preferred raiding spec as well.  I have raided as Combat since my first forays into Karazhan.  I like Improved Sprint and Blade Twisting over the other filler talents if focusing on pure PvE content.  Blade Twisting acts as pseudo Crippling Poison as Combat Rogues will normally have Deadly/Instant poisons equipped without weapon swapping.  Improved Sprint is even better for getting OUT OF THE FIRE especially if snared which I get the feeling will happen a lot in Cataclysm content.

With the loss of Armor Pen, Rupture is back in the Combat rotation along with the new Revealing Strike ability.  So those that wanted a more interesting button pushing style for this spec apparently received his or her wish.  A bit of frustration may be found with juggling combo points by working RS around a glyphed Sinister Strike.  RS grants a 15 second debuff on the target so it does not have to be used immediately before an Eviscerate or a Rupture.  For example a rogue with glyphed SS with three combo points and no RS debuff on the target procs an extra combo point on the next SS for a total of five combo points.  Now the rogue loses the combo point granted by RS.  This can be avoided by using RS for the first combo point leading up to a rupture or eviscerate.

Recommended Subtlety Spec 3/2/31

My notes: I have never given the Sub spec a try, even when HAT was bugged in our favor in the early days of the WotLK content so therefore I cannot give any good personal insight to this spec and its rotation cycle.


Returning soon!

Hi guys!  Just a quick heads up to those that might still check this blog.  I’m coming back with regular posts starting the first of May.  The format will be changing somewhat as it will be less World of Warcraft centric, and more of my own general observations and musings.  See you guys then.


New Blog

Hi all!  As most of you have noticed my blogging activity has dropped over the past couple of months.  Raquoon had the idea of combining our blogs so that maybe between the two of us and some contributions from others we will have a blog that is active and entertaining.  The blog is called Myth Journals.  Most of my WoW blogging will be done over there.

Before I go, I want to leave with one last video posting.  This has quickly become one of my favorite WoW videos.  It is a music video parody of the song “Don’t Trust a Me” by  3Oh!3.  It was recently featured on WoW.com on the Moviewatch section.  Enjoy!


Step into the Arena, Shrielkul!

Hi all!  Servers still down?  Looking for something to do?  A blog to read?  Well, here I am.  It has been about a month since my last post.   I realize I am not that prolific of a blogger, but at least I was posting at a rate of at least once a week if not two or three times a week.  Now my posting rate has dropped down to almost one a month.  Why?  I can come up with about a dozen different excuses, but the honest answer is a lack of motivation.  However, last week I did something I would like to offer commentary on.  Arenas!

For the first time in my WoW playing career my rogue has stepped in the world of rated arena play with the start of season 8.  I  joined two fellow guildies on a 3vs3 team.  Royji, a mage, and Popefaks, a discipline spec priest, and I competed in about fifty rated matches last week.  Our win/loss record was close to 50% which isn’t too shabby in my opinion for having someone inexperienced with Arena play on the team.  Thanks for the matches guys, and I look forward to the rest of the season.  Hopefully we’ll end up with some nice PvP gear and titles after it’s all said and done.

On the PvE side of things, not much news to share.  Due to work and other RL obligations, my schedule still only permits me to raid one evening a week or sometimes two depending on what I can get worked out.  This has really limited my time in ICC which so far is a fun and challenging raid.  My other level 80 toons I have, my paladin and priest, have sat idle.  They are fun if I want something different to do from my rogue, but they aren’t toons I really want to concentrate on.  They hardly ever see any raid action anyways unless it’s for the weekly that happens in one of the early WotLK raids.  My goal for them originally was to have those toons be raid capable to help out fill any guild runs so in a sense then, mission accomplished.

My buddy Raquoon over at Shield and Armor whispered me in-game about an idea for our blogs; however, he whispered this at about two o’clock in the morning which by then I am usually falling asleep at the keyboard that late so I didn’t get a chance to hear what his idea was.  Guess we’ll see during the usual raid time tonight.


Now where was I? Ah yes.

Sorry for the lack of updates everyone.  Work has picked up a bit the past few days.  The time I spend on the computer is pretty much spent doing whatever I can on WoW before I log off for day if it’s a work day.

First, I’d like to toot my horn by announcing that I got my priest alt to level 80 last week.  Finally!  This is my third level 80 character.  It also means I now have a toon for all three roles; DPS, tank, and healer.  My priest is a bit under geared at the moment as the LFG Dungeon Finder tool won’t let her heal H ToC5 due to her gear score.  I will rectify this after a solid week of chain healing the lesser heroics.

Also, I have a couple of “for fun” projects I have bouncing around inside my head that I would very much like to start putting down to pen and paper.  They are very much in the early stages of pre-planning, but I hope to set aside some time in the very near future to make them a reality.  I will let one slip that one of the projects is another work of WoW fan fiction.  The other I am keeping very close to the chest, but I hope readers and my fellow guildies get a kick out of it when they see it.

A couple of things have gone on both in-game and IRL that have not been fun experiencing.  Sometimes things just don’t go as planned, or catch up with us in due time.  The piece of advice that I try to go by is to persevere.  If things continue badly, then all I can say is at least you wasn’t this guy. . .


As December Ends

It has been awhile since my last post mostly due to patch 3.3 keeping me pretty busy, and with the holidays going on IRL as well.  I have to say that this patch has one of my favorite improvements in the game, the new LFG Dungeon tool.  It works great for all levels, and the teleport straight to the instance option makes things go by very quickly. 

I say it works great for all levels, but so far groups running the low level instances (Deadmines, Shadowfang Keep, etc) have been kind of rough.  The common issue I see is there are no dedicated tanks at those levels since no one has dual-specs and doesn’t level in protection trees.  The best chance for a good tank is the druid who is more often than not leveling in the feral tree.  Another issue more on my end is that playing an unfamiliar class/role ups the ante on the difficulty level.  I am currently leveling a hunter to play in the low level dungeons.  A combination of a limited spellbook and pet management (when to keep on passive/defensive) are some of the difficulties I’m having with the class, but I find the sound of gunfire in-game to be oddly satisfying.  I also equipped my toon with an Azure Silk Hood mostly because there’s not much in the way of head-gear with stats at these levels, but also for the aesthetic reason that it makes my dwarf hunter kind of  look like a Rifleman unit from Warcraft 3. 

Things are much better at higher levels.  Either players at this level are much more wise, or they are alts as evident by how much heirloom gear they are wearing.  My priest, who just hit level 79 yesterday, as benefited from the new LFG tool greatly.  I was surprised to discover that running random regular Northrend dungeons awards two Emblems of Triumph the first time.  Subsequent random dungeons only award gold and some experience points.  My priest alt, Shrylia, has exclusively been delegated to healing these runs which I don’t mind as I wanted the practice before attempting healing a heroic.  I am glad I did because I think I am just now getting the hang of priest healing at higher levels.  At first, I was trying to use healing spells like a paladin (flash, flash, flash, big heal), but I quickly found that not to be working so well as I was constantly going OOM.  I found a much more efficient and effective combination in Renew and Prayer of Mending.  I admit that I don’t research alts nearly as much as I do my main mostly because I don’t have the time, and they most likely will never raid.  I think my paladin saw action in Naxxramas twice prior to patch 3.2.

Speaking of the paladin, he has also benefitted from the new LFG tool.  He is getting some nice upgrades due to all the emblems he is raking in as a tank.  It takes him about five seconds to be placed in a random group as opposed to my main which takes at least ten minutes for him to go through the queue.  The only surprising thing about my paladin so far is that no one has mentioned that he is still using this.  Yeah, trinket drops have been scarce as ToC5 has been rather unkind to my paladin.  At the very least, if a trinket doesn’t drop for him, he will have enough badges to get one pretty quickly.

That is mostly this whole past month in a nutshell for me in-game other than rocking ICC10 and 25 on my main with the guild.  I hope others are finding the LFG tool to be just as useful and fun as I have.  I also want to take a this opportunity to thank everyone who has viewed my blog as WordPress is telling me I have been getting a lot of views lately.  Thanks all, and Happy Raiding!

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